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Program Duration

12 Weeks



* Program sold through the Training Peaks website, prices in USD. 

This program is perfect for

Challenge events such as the National or Yorkshire three peaks, Welsh 3000s and more.

About the program

Walking challenges are a great way to experience amazing hill and mountain environments, as well as pushing your self mentally and physically.
At Rise Fitness we have years of experience professionally guiding a range of walking challenges around the UK, so we know the demands these events put on people. Sadly many underestimate, or don't prepare effectively, for their challenge.

Whether you're aiming for the Edale skyline, the Welsh 3000s, the National three peaks or any stand-alone mountain, knowing how to build your mountain fitness is essential.

And the best way to train for the mountains is to spend time in the mountains! If you live in or near the national parks getting the necessary time on the hill is easy, but what if you live in the city? What if you can't get to the mountains every weekend?

This program has been designed specifically for people who don't have easy access to the mountains.

Signing your self up for a challenge event may feel intimidating, but we're here to get you stronger and feeling confident in just a few weeks. All it takes is quality programming and a bit of hard work!
In this 12-week training program;
- You're going to build a huge aerobic base so you can cruise up and down hills, day or night.
- You are going to build a solid foundation of full-body strength, to power you up steep paths.
- Those knees, ankles and hips. They are going to be bulletproof by the end of this plan. So you can amble over rough terrain without worry.

We love the process of training. And we hope that in following this plan you will also push your self outside your comfort zone, increase your knowledge of how to train your body, and be in the best possible fitness for your adventure.

What's included

- 2-3 strength training workouts per week. With warm-up instructions and high-quality coaching videos for every exercise.
- 3 aerobic sessions per week.
- Days allocated for mountain walks every 4 weeks, so you can practice your skills and get used to walking in mountain terrain.
- A 20 page Ebook with everything you need to know about the program and how to make it your own.
- A 10 page Ebook on mobility. Complete with multiple do-at-home assessments and routines to add to your plan.
- Support through email and social media to answer any questions or queries.
- Written by a qualified personal trainer and mountain professional.

Equipment required

The strength workouts in this plan are designed to be done in a gym. You should have access to a selection of free weights including; barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. As well as suitable racks and benches, and a cable machine or resistance bands.


What makes

RISE FITNESS programs different?

All our programs use the revolutionary Training Peaks app.

  • View your plan online or on the mobile app

  • Receive notifications of your scheduled workouts for the day

  • Review and modify your workouts, and track your progress over time.

And that's not all, you also get:

  • A detailed overview outlining how to follow the program, and the training principles behind it all.

  •  Mobility assessments and routines to help you get the best out of your training and support your health whether you're in the mountains or at home.

  • High-quality exercise demonstration videos and instructions from a qualified personal trainer. 

  • Outdoors sports aren't just about being fit, technical skill and mental attitude are just as important. We encourage you to get out in the mountains and practice your skills as much as possible. 

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