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I contacted Coralie just before the new year about some mountain-related goals for this year that would require specific and structured training. Coralie helped me with a tailor-made training plan to increase mileage, build strength, stay injury-free, all whilst in-between working long night shift hours on my feet.


I'm currently halfway through my second 4-week training block and I feel great. My aerobic base has improved and my recovery time is now much shorter. Coralie has excellent video tutorials on each exercise for the workouts which is massively helpful!


She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and is super easy to talk to. If you want to up your game in the mountains then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Coralie at Rise Fitness. Thanks a lot!


Online coaching client

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At the end of the first lockdown and summer, I was feeling pretty low about myself. I'd lost my nan and my fitness was going downhill rapidly, I'm usually out guiding most days through the summer in the mountains! but not last year with all the constant changing restrictions. I needed to get motivated but I needed support to do this and that's when I spoke to Coralie.


We chatted about what I wanted to achieve and a program was tailored to suit me to get motivated again, I also had injuries we worked at and my very lacking flexibility!


In the new year we talked about setting some new goals, one is a half marathon in April, Edale skyline in summer and Basecamp in October. I'm really noticing big differences now, core strength is better and I can tell my balance and posture is better. My flexibility is growing, hips don't hurt or click anymore when doing certain activities, my shoulder is a lot better and stronger than it was when I first started - almost dislocated that at the beginning of lockdown one and it was extremely painful!


We have weekly catch-ups and the training fits around everyday life at home, which is perfect to fit in around work, schooling and being a parent. I can't thank you enough and looking forward to staying focused throughout 2021 with your awesome support


Online coaching client

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