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Terms and Conditions

Payment or booking confirmation for any service we offer will constitute understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, at which point you will become a client of Rise Fitness. Here you will be referred to as ‘you’ or ‘the client’ .

1. Introduction

a. Rise Fitness is the trading name of Coralie Neil, a self employed personal trainer and outdoors instructor, who will be referred to as ‘Rise Fitness’, ‘the Instructor’, ‘we’ or ‘our’.

b. These terms and conditions form your agreement with Rise Fitness.

c. All information you provide will be stored and used in compliance with Data protection legislation and our Privacy policy. Your personal details and medical information will not be made available to third parties unless permission to do so is granted by you.

See our                        for more information.

d. These terms and conditions apply to both in person and online services. For specific information regarding online training, please see section 13.


2. Our commitment to you

a.Using our judgment and experience, Rise Fitness will suggest exercises and other lifestyle advice that we believe will help you achieve your personal goals.

b.We intend to work with you within the scope of our knowledge and competencies as a REPs Registered Exercise Professional.

c. If the Instructor believes it is in your best interests to see another health professional, you will be referred appropriately.


3. Your commitment to us

a. You are required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire form (PARQ) before any health screening or sessions. If necessary, you may need to seek clearance from your doctor before participation in the exercise program recommended.

b. You agree to disclose to the Instructor any medical conditions, health concerns, allergies, medications and previous injuries.

c. You agree to inform the Instructor of any changes in medical conditions, injuries or health status as and when they occur. 

d. Rise Fitness cannot be held liable in any way for any undisclosed information or any unknown medical conditions. 

e. Whilst for most people exercise is hugely positive with many health benefits, there remains some risk that you are required to be aware of. For this reason you will need to sign an Informed Consent form.


4. Expected results

a. Rise Fitness will aim to provide the coaching, supervision, advice and support that you will need to achieve your goals.  

b. You are aware that at no point in time is Rise Fitness prescribing anything, that all information provided us is advice and that it is at your own risk and discretion with which you follow the advice given.

c. You understand that the results of any fitness programme cannot be guaranteed, and results will vary between individuals. Ultimately you will need to assume responsibility for making the required changes.


5. Payments

a. All payments must be made in full, online at the time of booking.

b. Payment can be made with credit/debit card, or PayPal.

c. All sessions need to be paid for in advance but block bookings do not need to be scheduled in advance. 

d. Please retain your conformation of payment and booking details.


6. Cancellation, moving sessions and refunds

a. Clients wishing to cancel a session and receive a refund must do so in writing (by email or text/ WhatsApp) within 14 days of the scheduled session.

  i. If you cancel less than 14 days before your session, we cannot issue a refund. However we may

     be able to re-schedule the session, this will be at our discretion. Please contact us as soon as possible.

  ii. If you cancel less than 24 hours from the start of the session, unfortunately we cannot re-arrange, and we cannot issue a refund.

d. If the Instructor cancels your session you will be given a full refund. We may discuss re-scheduling the session depending on the amount of notice given.

e. If you do not attend your session without giving us written notice, you will be treated as a 'no show'. You will not receive a refund, and you may not be allowed to book future sessions.


7. Lateness

a. If the Instructor is late the following will apply.

  i. If the instructor is up to 15 minutes late, the time lost will be added to the end of your session, or subsequent sessions.

  ii. If the instructor is more than 15 minutes late you will receive one complimentary session.

b. If the client is late the session will still finish at the specified time. The session may have to be altered significantly depending on how much time is remaining.


8. Health and safety

a. The instructor has completed and holds a current certificate for emergency first aid approved by the Health and Safety Executive. 

b. The Instructor has public liability insurance cover. 

c. You are required to wear appropriate clothes and footwear whilst training. 

d. You must tell the instructor if you feel unwell or in pain during your session.


9. Liability 

a. The Trainer shall not be liable for any loss or injury attributable to: 

  i.The fault of the client
  ii. A third party unconnected with the services provided by Rise Fitness. 

b. Rise Fitness is not liable for loss or damage to your property. 
c. Rise Fitness is not liable if you ignore recommendations to seek medical advice. 


10. Intellectual Property  

a. All training plans made available to you remain the property of Rise Fitness, and may be subject to copyright.

b. The client agrees to use these materials for their own personal development only and will not copy, publish, reproduce or distribute any such materials. 


11. Changes to these terms

We endeavour to keep these terms and conditions current and in line with legal requirements, so we may update them from time to time. We will notify you if these changes apply to you.


12. Media and photography

a. By completing a booking you give your consent for Rise Fitness to take/ record photographs and/or video footage of you during the session. These may be used to analyse your training. But also, and not limited to, use on our website, marketing and media.

b. If you do not consent to this use you MUST state this in writing before your session commences.

Online training

a. Online training plans are subject to the same medical requirements as our in-person services. You must complete and sign an informed consent and PARQ from and send these back to us before any training sessions.

b. You must pay for online training services in full on our website, via credit/debit card or paypal

c. You will pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for online training services. Payment will be taken through your chosen payment method each month until your ask us to cancel your subscription.

d. We ask that you subscribe for a minimum of 3 months. We feel this is the minimum amount of time needed to see significant results in most clients. We will contact you towards the end of this 3 month period to ask if you wish to continue or terminate your program once complete.

  i. If you cannot commit to this length of program, please contact us as we may still be able to provide you with a training program for a shorter time       scale.

  ii. You are able to cancel your monthly payments by contacting your bank or on your PayPal dashboard. However we ask that you contact us first         to discuss why you are stopping your program early, and if there is anything we can do to help.

e. When your membership is cancelled, you will still be able to access all our services until the end of that payment cycle

f. Please see section 12 for our media use terms, as these apply to any photos/ video you send us while using our online training services.

If you have any questions, please

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