Strength training is a long-overlooked part of optimal training for endurance sports, and especially important for demanding outdoor sports such as hillwalking, fell running and mountaineering. 


The aim of this program is to provide an effective strength training program that can be done alongside your regular outdoor activities or combined with other aerobic training

It's is designed to be done at home with a few key pieces of equipment, but can also be done in a commercial gym or the 'training area' of most indoor climbing walls. 


This plan is suitable for beginners who have not done any strength training before, all the way to intermediate athletes. 


The benifits of a Rise Fitness program:

  • Expertly designed programs from a qualified personal trainer
  • Ongoing support. If you have a question about your program, just get in touch!
  • Quality coaching. All exercises include a link to a detailed demonstration video.
  • All programs include mobility assessments and routines, so you get the most out of your training.


Equipment required:

  • An exercise matt or, comfortable surface to lie on.
  • A set of resistance bands, either large loop or tube bands with handles are fine.
  • A pull-up bar.
  • A suspension trainer or set of gymnastic rings


  • A set of 'mini band' or 'thigh band' resistance bands

Strength for Mountaineers - Home Edition


    The training plan is in a downloadable PDF format. No physical training plan will be sent out.